Dynatrace Extensions 2.0: Boost Your Digital Performance

Dynatrace extensions 2.0 is a new platform for integrating third-party tools with dynatrace. The platform enables developers to create and share extensions easily.

With its enhanced capabilities, the dynatrace extensions 2. 0 provides a more unified experience for the users. By streamlining the extension development process and providing infrastructure for sharing, developers can create and distribute valuable extensions faster and more efficiently. This platform ensures that developers can continuously improve the functionality and reliability of their tools within the dynatrace environment.

Overall, dynatrace extensions 2. 0 is a powerful and user-friendly solution for organizations looking to maximize the benefits of dynatrace.

What Is Dynatrace Extensions 2.0?

Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 is a powerful upgrade to the dynatrace apm solution. With a detailed overview, dynatrace extensions 2. 0 extends the abilities of your monitoring system. Key features and benefits of dynatrace extensions 2. 0 include improved usability, increased flexibility, and customizable metrics.

Compared to its older versions, dynatrace extensions 2. 0 has a modernized user interface and is easier to use. Additionally, it offers custom-defined metrics for even more detailed analysis. Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 is perfect for business-critical applications and cloud-based infrastructures.

It can help your team proactively monitor and resolve issues before they become real headaches. Its powerful abilities make it a must-have for businesses to ensure their applications are running smoothly.

How Dynatrace Extensions 2.0 Improves Digital Performance

Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 is an essential tool for improving digital performance. With its advanced features, dynatrace extensions 2. 0 optimizes and enhances web application performance. It offers proactive identification and resolution of issues that might affect your website’s performance.

Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 provides a detailed insight into how your web applications operate, ultimately improving user experience. This tool’s ability to monitor and provide accurate results ensures that issues are addressed promptly and efficiently, preventing major disruptions. Dynatrace extensions 2.

0 is perfect for businesses that need to improve digital performance. With its cutting-edge technology, dynatrace extensions 2. 0 ensures that your users always have a seamless browsing experience.


Dynatrace Extensions 2.0 Use Cases

Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 is a versatile tool with numerous possible use cases. It is an analytics and monitoring software that enables developers to create their custom extensions. With its advanced features, dynatrace extensions 2. 0 offers endless possibilities for various industries.

For instance, you can use dynatrace extensions 2. 0 to monitor your e-commerce website and gather essential insights about its performance. Furthermore, dynatrace extensions 2. 0 is an ideal tool for businesses that operate in the healthcare industry. It helps them monitor their medical devices and ensure they’re running optimally.

Many companies have already implemented dynatrace extensions 2. 0 and seen significant results, including improved efficiency, cost savings, and better customer experiences. Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 is a game-changer for developers and businesses who value innovation and exceptional features.

Dynatrace Extensions 2.0 Vs Competitors

Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 has taken the market by storm, thereby making it a leading player in the domain. This tool outshines its competitors when it comes to smart automation, intelligent observability, and effortless scalability. Although many other similar tools are available in the market offering the same features, dynatrace’s ability to forecast probable anomalies and proactively resolve issues is something that sets it apart.

It offers real-time insights into cloud-native and hybrid-cloud environments, paving the way for quick and effective decision-making. The only downside of using this tool is its high pricing, but its features and functionality make it a worthwhile investment for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dynatrace Extensions 2.0?

Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 are plugins that extend dynatrace capabilities with custom monitoring data.

How Do Dynatrace Extensions 2.0 Work?

Dynatrace extensions 2. 0 work by integrating with dynatrace apis or oneagent sdk to collect data.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dynatrace Extensions 2.0?

Using dynatrace extensions 2. 0 enables you to customize, monitor, and analyze data from different sources.

How Do I Install And Configure Dynatrace Extensions 2.0?

You can install and configure dynatrace extensions 2. 0 using a web interface or command-line tool.

What Kind Of Data Can I Monitor With Dynatrace Extensions 2.0?

You can monitor any data source with dynatrace extensions 2. 0, including custom metrics, logs, and events.

Official Overview

This extension allows you to monitor (SaaS) applications where installation of Dynatrace OneAgent is not possible.

Injects a JavaScript tag into applications defined via Dynatrace to gather real user monitoring data.

For Session Replay, it enhances session playback especially when:

 * Font and stylesheet resources are loaded from HTTPS origins

 * Resources are loaded from HTTP origins

Once installed, you’ll be prompted to grant permission for the download of page resources for each page that’s included in session recording.

For additional information see https://www.dynatrace.com/support/help/shortlink/rum-browser-extension

Additional Information

Version 1.6.2
Updated February 10, 2023
Size 145KiB
English (United States)


The release of dynatrace extensions 2. 0 marks a significant milestone in the world of software monitoring and apm. With its vast range of new features, it is poised to take the user experience to an unprecedented level. The ability to customize and tailor the solution to suit specific monitoring needs is a game changer.

This empowers users with flexibility and control over their monitoring environments through custom plugins and integrations. The new ux design is also a welcome addition, making it easier and more intuitive for users to access and analyze data. Overall, dynatrace extensions 2.

0 is a complete solution for businesses looking to streamline their monitoring processes and drive better performance. It is certainly a game-changing upgrade that will revolutionize the way developers approach their monitoring needs. The extension of support for kubernetes and openshift brings in an additional level of flexibility for users deploying and running applications in these environments.

All in all, dynatrace extensions 2. 0 is a must-have for any enterprise looking to stay ahead of the competition and achieve superior performance.


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